3 Tips when thinking about a new website

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June 16, 2016
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3 Tips when thinking about a new website

New Website Design

Responsive Design Guru's

3 tips when thinking about a new website. Tips to help guide you along the way to the right foundation for your online marketing real estate!  Entrepreneurs and business owners alike have to dive into the digital world of websites and internet marketing today. No matter the type of business they have.

New Website Design

Responsive Design Guru’s

Tip #1 Websites are your virtual real estate so make sure not to go cheap.

Think of your new office or storefront where customers drive by or walk in to check out your new business. It is a direct analogy to your Website and the internet real estate it represents to potential customers. If you want to build a business you have to make people trust you. Trust can be tough if they see things that show cheap,unorganized or low quality when they first see your online ‘office’.  The old saying of “You only get one chance at a first impression” is true. Online, people average less than 15 seconds on your website!  Virtual real estate (Your Website) should be taken seriously enough to show people you are a quality company because they see it shown through your digital design and functionality.  Let our professionals build a website with the design to show off your business professionalism the same way your brick and mortar does. Do you have optimum virtual ‘curb appeal’? Let us show you how.


Tip #2 Talk to multiple companies about your new website project

The process of discovery when you talk to multiple companies gives you (the small business owner) the opportunity to learn more about your critically valuable asset; your website.  It seems strange that any company would tell you to check around with the competition. But I think if the company is truly worth their salt you will choose them regardless. Many business owners have  had a bad experience with someone who built them a website in the past. And naturally they have a hard time trusting someone else again in this world that is foreign for many people.  While you interview different companies ask the same questions to see what their answer is. Look it up to find the truth.  You have to look for the company that understands the current trends in website design and development but also shows trustworthiness.  Discover more about how the process of website building.


SEO for your future leads


Tip #3 Keep SEO in mind while creating your new website

Designers and developers are often so vested in years of learning code that they can’t get past it. Even when other formats might be better for certain websites. WordPress websites are the hottest and best thing going in todays marketplace. Because of many factors including the SEO benefit that is built in. You need to understand the type of website you want. Remember the point of the website is to get you new business, and be seen in the search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Keep the end goal in mind. Results are important to your business and should be priority to the designer you select to tackle your project.


Blueprint Mobile Marketing loves to help customers on this journey of building a new website. Email us if you want a friend in the business that will Earn your trust. Info@blueprintmm.com


Lance Wilson

Blueprint Mobile Marketing

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