Change website without losing SEO value

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June 16, 2016
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Change website without losing SEO value

How to change website without losing SEO value


It’s a question we get a lot.  No site owner wants a fall in SEO. A site owner investing time and money expect to maintain results. When a site changes, it happens.

It happens and it is unfortunate. There are expert, simple ways to avoid SEO falls after a site update or change. Here’s how.

Successfully  transferring a website to another platform without hurting your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


How to change a website without hurting SEO? This is an excellent and legitimate question, with substantial considerations depending on the particulars of your individual site.


Maintaining indexed URLS / web pages during the transfer


It’s a big deal to re-design a website. You look forward to your new design. You never dreamed your site would lose all, or most of your seo-value.


  1. Existing web-pages will need either redirected to the new URL.
  2. Or, a proper 301 redirect can be implement.
  3. Or the URL will remain as is.

It is as simple as keeping the existing urls in tact

The existing URLs or pages may have links built to them.  Your site page urls need to stay the same, the only real concern. Content and theme or design can change but site page urls cannot.


Once a project has begun we make sure the URLs aren’t changed during a transfer through a careful notation process.  If thorough steps are not taken to see that URL stays the same, then the original page disappears and if it was indexed, ranking or otherwise had links to it, your accrued SEO value will be lost until corrected.


There are a number of ways to make sure your indexed pages are not displaced. When we take a look at your site, and begin the job, we will make clear notations on what pages need to remain the same URL, to be transferred correctly to the new template or design.




How to change a website without losing seo value? You don’t have to worry about losing SEO value to your site, with Blue Print Mobile Marketing at the helm. We know how important it is to maintain a sites SEO integrity when making theme or other site changes. It’s a legitimate concern, so we’re glad you are curious about the value of your websites SEO, after an alteration of pages, content or other.

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