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Copy Influencers

Influencers and creative flattery

How to creatively copy influencers and deliver original content.

Copying Influencers for your benefit!

They say copying someone is the greatest form of flattery. If you follow influencers in your industry then you should know what to do. Small businesses and start-ups alike should have their finger on the pulse of creative people in the industry they belong to in order to see what is going on nation wide or even internationally. The next step is to then copy that style but make it original. Original content and imagery, video or animation show commitment to produce quality. Leaders in the industry come out with new content often and use creative methods to get the message out. The videos a leading company publish could have production cost $10,000 +, but know that you can find someone locally to produce a similar quality video for under $1,000 fully edited. The video should be under 3 minutes long to use as a Facebook ad or new product explanation video. The ideas are the same even if your budget is smaller than unlimited. It’s all about ‘brand hacking’ using the research and execution of the unlimited budget players to lead the way to what you should be doing on a smaller budget. These impactful methods begin trending as the influencer doles out the new creative content to get people hungry for more.


Take for example Gary Vaynerchuck with Vaynermedia and his super influencing DailyVee video log. Gary has been an influencer to anyone in media and social media especially with his creative take on things and this style of video has been copied by so many people, to their benefit, by watching Gary and his ways. So find your influencers and follow them on social media channels. Research what they are doing and be the first to copy what they are doing in your own way. Following their pattern you come up with your original content to feed your followers because they too follow the same influencers and will be eager to see more.

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