Email Marketing

According to the Direct Marketing Association, every dollar you spend on or invest in email marketing will yield a good return on investment (ROI) of 4300%. It's a huge return on investment, if done correctly. Data related spend expected to rise to $1.2 billion for email in 2016.

Gigaom Research notes, marketers can rank email as the single most effective medium for acquisition, conversion, awareness and retention. All in all, email marketing is a smart choice.

How do I effectively use email marketing?

Allow us to walk you through the options best for your industry and location. Knowing the facts, and how effective email marketing is, why isn't your businesses using email to its full advantage?

E-mail List Building: It's easier than you think

Increase Your Email Database
1) Create awesome content - engage your readers. Your content needs to be more than amazing if you want it to be read. If your content doesn't engage the reader and ask for them to do something, you can rest assured nothing will happen. The idea is to get readers to subscribe and share your content, so others can subscribe and share. It starts with great content.

2) Promote online contests -  Offer a discounted rate, or free onetime service to generate excitement. Simply have your visitors share their email to be entered. Create a nice landing page, to promote your giveaway/ discount/ coupon code and don't forget to share it to social media.

3) Create YouTube videos - Create YouTube videos with a special offer, directing them to the free giveaway and directing them to your landing page, that you created, as suggested above.

4) Grab emails from multiple channels - Grow an email database, using traditional methods, print ads, etc. Some of the most effective giveaways were launched using free registration boxes, set throughout stores and various well-trafficked locations. The registrant simply enters their name, address, and e-mail address in order to register for the giveaway.

These are just a few ideas on how to get more email addresses for your business to begin growing or adding to an email database.  The next step is designing creative, effective outbound emails. Blueprint / div of Wilson Focus Marketing has the email marketing solutions your business requires, in order to cash in on the expected return on investment in your market. Contact Blueprint / div of Wilson Focus Marketing now for a free Vision Session. We'll guide you throughout the session to show you how to grow your business.