The Value of Mobile Marketing

- Case studies prove the value of mobile marketing

“We should remain visionaries into the future of our businesses. We need to imagine and then implement new and innovative ways, along with the tried-and-true, to effectively market our products and services .” The value of mobile marketing is gaining in importance since 2015 marked the first year of Mobile Search online at 51% overtaking traditional desktop search at 49% . Do you understand exactly what that means?  Simply put, this changes the game for small businesses and as an owner or manager you must take the time to realize and redirect some of your attention to figuring it all out.  Blueprint wants to make it simple, so start with our free Vision Session to get your questions answered. Mobile marketing is marketing on any internet connected mobile devise, e.g. cell phone or tablet.

Case studies proving, beyond a doubt - the value of mobile marketing

I was surprised with the results of a focus group I studied recently. Actually, I wasn't so surprised, because I am already armed with the knowledge that mobile searches take up a huge share of the search market. However, I was surprised to see there is still a whopping 80% of my focus test market with no clue what mobile marketing really is. Facts on this subject is relatively new with on-going data being collected that will compile metrics to analyze, in order to develop the best methods to use mobile marketing for specific niche markets. Getting your site in mobile searches is different from other types of website optimization, but only slightly.  The part most business owners don't know is how to reach their specific markets.  That's where Blueprint comes in with a detailed approach at gaining traction in the future of how people find your business. Let us assist you in finding the best ways to use mobile marketing in your already existing online or internet marketing campaign.