Small Business Owners Beware Google Chrome Update September 2016

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Small Business Owners Beware Google Chrome Update September 2016

Small Business Owners beware Google Chrome update

Small business owners beware Google Chrome Update

Small Business Owners Beware Google Chrome Update September 2016. Small towns and cities like Mobile, AL have many small businesses that make up the fabric of the local community. Recently I was on vacation and was speaking to a man from New York City, NY about new technology and online marketing. My new acquaintance posed the question, “Is there a lot of tech in the Mobile, AL area?”  I simply replied “No not really.” I answered him by saying that I wanted to help change that and provide more options for local business owners to have access to web and mobile technology like larger cities have.


Small Business Owners Beware Google Chrome Update September 2016

Small Business Owners Beware Google Chrome Update September 2016

What do you need to know?

We here at Blueprint Mobile Marketing want to educate the small business owners that are busy working IN their business and not making time to work ON their business about changes that will effect you. Flash which was standard years ago for website development has now been on the way out for over a year. Google wants HTML5 to be emphasized heavily and in doing so will block Flash Player content and websites from functioning. I propose the question “Who will go to a website and then follow prompts to another website to then upgrade and go through the steps to get that done just to view the content on your site?” The answer is nobody. You have mere seconds these days to impress and capture peoples attention or they are gone to your competitors website. You know – the next one down the Google search results page. The Google Chrome 53 update in September 2016 will block Flash and will potentially hurt your website and business. Small Business owners beware Google Chrome update (even more!) in December 2016; Google Chrome will have HTML5 as the default experience, putting Flash in the dirt for good. Businesses need to take this seriously. Many small business owners have this very type of website and don’t see the importance of upgrading.  In many communities this happens because someone started a small business (and website) then years later it has grown into a very robust business. Often they are still running a antiquated website while working inside the business and devoting no time to their website (or “online presence”). Compare this with the competitor who has an newer well functioning webpage. The outdated website that you built (or had a family member or friend build for you) will hurt your business if left alone and not corrected.


What do you need to do?

Get your website checked for Flash by Blueprint Mobile Marketing. Blueprint will then recommend the proper strategy to repair or redo your website so you don’t loose precious leads and hurt your professional image with your old website. Contact us today at 251-600-9180 or email us for your Free Website Evaluation. 

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