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Daphne, AL Website Design.

With all of the industries coming into Daphne, AL and surrounding Baldwin County and Mobile County you need a great website to show off your business. Blueprint Mobile Marketing can design and build the perfect reflection of your brand for the great online real estate you have... your website. Call us Today.

All to often successful business owners have a website that is so outdated and non user friendly but they don't spend the money to make it better. We can custom build a website for you that will not break the bank and you can be proud of and represents you well like the quality of your work does. Email us for a free Vision Session to see our ideas for your new website.

Here's What You need to think about



1. Typography: How do your words and the content of your website look? Is it boring and basic or new and fresh? You need simple yet professional.
2. Colors & Layout Do the colors and format of your current website design match your brand or do they make people want to hit the back button. Your website colors matter and there are studies that validate this as well as layout of images, videos and text.
3. CSS Tricks Be cool with custom website design through coding with css but don't over do it to where it hurts functionality or SEO.



Original Content is Queen in a world of copy cats and and new guys. Show the mastery of your craft with original content that we can produce for you, with your industry expertise of course!



Responsive Design: Website Design Cornerstone in today's digital world is Responsive Designed websites. Responsive Design lets any device from a mobile phone to a desktop see you site perfect.
2. SEO This is where it gets exciting, SEO brings you to the TOP of the rankings on Google and other search engines. It is the primary lead generating tool for most companies to garner new business online.

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