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Web Design is the Cornerstone

You only get one chance at a first impression is VERY TRUE with regards to your website. Google says that you get less than 3 seconds to capture a potential customers attention once they get on your site. It's called Bounce Rate. Hire the Top Web Design and Internet Marketing Agency Alabama Georgia to make your business look great. Blueprint Mobile Marketing.

It is the Cornerstone

After you have decided to redo or create a new website the first decision is what kind of site do you want.  The answer is a responsive design website that creates a user experience that is pleasing on every type of device from Smart Phones and Tablet to Laptops and Desktops.  Responsive Design is the new Gold Standard of website foundations.  After you agree with the experts on this, it is time to get down to the design and this is where it pays to have a FREE Vision Session with Blueprint/div of Wilson Focus Marketing.  

Web Design 

Best web design Alabama

It all starts with the best web design. Serious entrepreneurs and businesses depend on standing out among the rest. Our Fairhope web design company, Blueprint / div of Wilson Focus Marketing has an intense web design checklist. Deemed the best web design Alabama agency, in order to garner the attention of every site visitor, Blueprint / div of Wilson Focus Marketing knows without question that from the minute a visitor lands on a page, you have mere seconds to make your lasting impression.

Step by step best web design in Alabama

From concept to completion here is a simple version of our step by step best web design checklist. Here is what we do for your project.

Planning scope – of your web design project

All projects need vision!

  • First things first, we study your competition. to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Compile notes, images, and other presentation elements, including a mockup design for website, we then present to client our ideas and define the scope of project
  • Various other steps are defined, depending on your project

Actions for your web design projects

Here's where we get to work on your website

  • Develop wireframe drawing – showing page structure, layout, etc.
  • Develop strong content for you product or service

The data is in. In order to be the best Alabama web design agency, not only do you have to have an eye for graphics, but an extensive marketing background is necessary. Why build a website with a company who doesn't have your digital marketing scope defined? Unless your website is intended to be static only (not responsive design), as a placeholder for friends family and business holders to check out, you and your business need to have the best digital marketing plan, in addition to the best website design and development.

Who should I have build my website?

Alabama web design 

With web design it is important to set up solid onsite SEO as you build each page. So many web developers say they understand SEO or search engine optimization but they do not. Without your web pages being search-friendly, Google or other online search engines won't find you, therefore no one else will find you either.

Best web design firm in Alabama

Ask yourself, “Is my web designer a digital marketing expert?” If not, you better drop him like a hot potato. A web design firm's biggest strength is its agency background and digital marketing experience. You owe it to yourself to get the best. In developing the best websites, we see weary site owners who thought they were saving money when in reality they had to have the site redone by a professional in the end. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for” holds true, so does the saying, “Hire a professional the first time!” It just makes good sense to hire a professional, save the headache and bottom line costs. You never save by hiring someone less than the best.
  • Solid technical background, coding, programming on various platforms including raw code, php.
  • Award-winning graphic design
  • UX – usability, easy to read and navigate
  • Encourages not mere simple calls to action at every turn, but 'engaging' calls to action.
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